The NORrad PACS Project

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The Ontario government has enacted the Health Information Protection Act (the Act) – a new provincial law that will help keep the personal health information of patients private, confidential and secure by imposing rules relating to its collection, use and disclosure. The Act designates the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner/Ontario (IPC) as the body responsible for overseeing compliance with the provisions of the law. It also gives individuals the right to complain to the IPC about the privacy practices of any healthcare practitioner or organization covered by the Act.  This new privacy law came on November 1, 2004.  The NORrad hospitals are working together to ensure the security and the sensitivity of the patient information on the PACS system is closely guarded.

Specific recommendations have been made to the NORrad and NEON groups on how best to comply with the new Privacy law.  This presentation outlines those recommendations.

Recommendations for Compliance with PHIPA


NORrad currently has in place a series of policies and procedures.  They deal with the collection, use and disclosure of patient information and they ensure the security and integrity of the PACS network is maintained at all times.  These policies have been reviewed and some have been revised to ensure their compliance with the PHIPA legislation.

Each NORrad hospital has implemented a PHIPA compliant Privacy Policy.  A new NORrad Privacy Policy has been developed (in Draft) as a supplement to the existing privacy policies of each of the hospitals within NORrad.  The policy deals with the practices of the NORrad hospitals with respect to their shared PACS system.  The policy concentrates on the collection, use, disclosure, security, storage and disposal of diagnostic imaging studies and other associated Personal Health Information available on the PACS system.