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This page acknowledges the NORrad Project staff/team. From here you can send e-mails to project members, or visit their web sites.

Evaluating health infrastructure projects in rural and remote parts of Canada generally presents a number of unique challenges, including geographic distribution of stakeholders and coordination of stakeholder schedules.  This engagement has proven no different and owes its success in great measure to the many individuals who assisted in overcoming these logistical challenges and providing guidance as the project unfolded. 

Special recognition and thanks is offered to the Diagnostic Imaging Managers for their unselfish efforts in organizing all on-site meetings and interviews during all pre- and post-implementation evaluation activities.


Dr. Claude Vezina NORrad Project Medical Director, Timmins  
Guy Guindon Manager of DI / Cardio / NORrad PACS Project, Timmins (705) 360-6078     gguindon-NOSPAM-@tadh.com
Brenda Forster Executive Assistant, NORrad Project, Timmins (705) 360-6014     bforster-NOSPAM-@tadh.com
Angela Aguiar PACS System Coordinator, NORrad Project, Timmins

(705) 360-6088     aaguiar-NOSPAM-@tadh.com

Darrell Pilon PACS & Imaging IT System Administrator, NORrad Project, Timmins (705) 360-6088     dpilon-NOSPAM-@tadh.com
Line Chenier PACS System Administrator & Meditech ITS, NORrad Project, Timmins

(705) 360-6088     lchenier-NOSPAM-@tadh.com

Celeste Rivard PACS System Administrator, NORrad Project, Timmins

(705) 360-6088     crivard-NOSPAM-@tadh.com

Sharon Lively PACS System Administrator, NORrad Project, Timmins

(705) 360-6088     slively-NOSPAM-@tadh.com

                                                                                                                                                                  *Remove the -NOSPAM- from the e-mail address prior to sending*


Guy Guindon, Timmins
Tracy Martel, Chapleau
Christine Larivee, Cochrane
Kelly Lescom, Engleheart
Therri Letourneau, Hearst
Heather Jeremy Berube, Hornepayne
Gayle Lavoie, Iroquois Falls
Richard Bizier,Kapuskasing
Cindy Lamothe-Mackinnon, Kirkland Lake
Marilyn Andrews, Matheson
Kendra Benham, Moose Factory
Debbie Kovich, Smooth Rock Falls
Barbara Hunter, Wawa

Finally, a special thank you to the staff and clinicians at all the evaluation sites for offering their time and valued opinions to this project.

Timmins and District Hospital
700 Ross Ave. East
, Ontario P4N 8P2

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